Rossland anyone?

UPDATE: June 23rd, 2015. Sadly I will be not be participating in the workshop this time around. Still love the drawing though so keeping it up here. :) Best wishes to all! 

It’s been a busy and awesome couple of weeks for me with several visual projects on the go. We just wrapped up the spring Educational Technology Users Group workshop last friday (in which I was presenting! more on that later), and the week before that, the OTSummit  where my pal Tracy Kelly and I created some next level graphic records. Very pleased with how everything turned out, but I’m already looking forward to the next adventure!

 Graphic Facilitation 2015 Rossland BC
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Coming up this July I will be co-facilitating the Graphic Facilitation Workshop 2015 in gorgeous Rossland BC. You MUST go check out Michelle Lauries’ blog for the details, but in a nutshell, we will be hosting two days of visual practice, social engagement and lots of fun.

If you are interested in ENGAGING BEYOND WORDS and looking for innovative ways to spice up your practice, this workshop is a fabulous experience.

This is such a long standing event, I believe this will be the 7th yr. and I could not be more excited. I have participated myself in years past and learned many of my best moves here. It really opened the doors for me to bring this visual work to SFU which I have been doing for the past several years. Instructors I share this with are always asking for more!  I will be working hard the next month to gather my resources and wits to make sure this years #rosviz workshop will be rewarding for all!


Making lines

This series of images is part of research project intended to provide students and instructors some ideas to put into their own visual “toolbox”. We are prototyping and developing more of these resources over at which as of this posting is still only a fresh WP install with no content. I HAD put some content in there, a few plugins and images etc, but in my haste made a few mistakes and had to restart fresh. Consider it COMING SOON. Nevertheless my partner on this project , and I will be presenting tomorrow at the Educational Technology Users Group workshop and are all about showing our process! Things have unfolded in the past couple of months in a very organic way and since we will not have time to dive deep into the ‘toolbox’ portion of the project (most likely) I thought I would share some of these doodlings here. I could deconstruct and annotate the intention for each of these images, but for now I will will just let you click through the gallery and draw your own conclusions.

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Well I guess there is one more thing. As per the terms outlined in my ds106 membership I MUST PRODUCE AN ANIMATED GIF of all works, creatives, designs and concepts to be published as open resources to the internet. So here is that as well.


Thinking (again) about the sequential art (comics) workshop

Its been a long minute that this post has sat in a draft form in my dashboard, 2 years in fact. There wasn’t even really much written here just the bunch of links below and some half baked intentions, but having recently gone back to scan all the pages of one specific sketchbook (for another upcoming post who knows how long that one will take) it just so happened to include the pages from the Comic book workshop I took with Scott McCloud, also over 2 years ago in Lethbridge Alberta. Regardless, the pages are now finally scanned and I can share them here, as well as the the myriad of thoughts they have stirred up.

There a four pages included in this comics workshop summary, I will add a few more thoughts to each page, but in general this was an amazing learning experience which I often reminisce  and draw from in my own work. I was not surprised to find out that a former student of Scotss had gone on to create the RSA animate series after being so inspired by these sessions. I totally get it.  Going over these notes again however has brought back a few things that I missed, or in some cases, have new context for understanding. So 2 years on I am still learning from these sessions. There was not much else written up about this experience but I was lucky to find one other blogged reflection which I will point to as needed.

Keynote lecture – “The Changing face of comics” The event started off the night before with a mini lecture from Scott to kick off the Nerdfest which the workshop was billed under. He made the case that stories are everywhere and also that anyone can both DRAW and WRITE.

Day 1 – A full day of theory and practice, Scott had us do several comic making exercises considering the balance between clarity and intensity. I should dig out the other work we did here, but there was also home work which I have previously posted. .

Day 2 – A great critique to start off the day, reminded me how valuable this pedagogy can be in creative work if done well, and Scott is a master. Image and word are “flip sides of the same coin” but the choice of when to use one or the other is a question I still ask myself today.

Summary – A few weeks later I had a a crack at doing a visual summary to try and get ready to do this blog post. I like the notion that comics is like “writing with pictures” , something I can relate to in terms of my own visual practice such as sketchnoting and graphic facilitation. There are stories EVERYWHERE and people are hardwired for them.  Simply putting a frame around them allows us to share the stories that have meaning to us.


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