Light as wave and particle!

The dual nature of light is explained in this captivating video using doodles, collage and some clever puppeteering. Would love to see some Educational media projects taking this approach to their videos.

Still plenty of time to sign up for the fall 2015 EdMedia program where participants will be able to explore these and many other creative approaches to making impactful media for your courses. Check it out!


BC Campus has been making a big push into open education these past few years, and it seems to be gaining steam. Last week they reviewed the Open Ed initiatives at UBC and as ever, it was inspiring to read that many of those programs and courses are beginning to mature.

One such course is very unique, on “Video Game Law” which makes available its course notes and video content online under a creative commons license. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jon Festinger at a recent World Cafe for a new joint social media program between BCIT and SFU, and his passion for sharing this material and employing social media in his courses was evident. Not only are the lectures captured and shared alongside the presentations, but the course discussions occur both in the comments on the blog, and via twitter. You can tweet Jon @jonfestinger or follow the course discussions @GameBizLaw.

This method of “teaching and learning in the open” will inspire a great deal of the discussion for our upcoming “Sharing and Caring for Open Educational Resources” module, (being published soon!) as part of the EMP program which will be launching in April. The hashtag for this module is #openedmedia.

Diana Cukierman

Diana Cukierman
Diana Cukierman
Senior Lecturer, School of Computing Science

From SFU Comp Sci, Diana has been using WordPress has her course delivery system for several years. Her courses,

  • CMPT 120 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I
  • CMPT 125 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II
  • CMPT 150 Introduction to Computer Design

are not publicly accessible, but as part of her EMP development, she has shared the videos below that are used in her class. Since her courses are 1st year Introductions, her class sizes are very large, almost 400  students per course, over 2 sections so reaching them effectively requires some meticulous attention to detail.  For the EdMedia Protege program, she wanted to expand her use of media, and create some videos that students could engage with beyond the formal class time. Her practice involves presenting her powerpoint slides, with blank spaces allowing her to live draw and annotate the slides during the lecture.  This practice has led her to working at ease her table computer and stylus. The videos are essentially well rehersed segments of her lectures, going through a sequence of lessons, and include her voice over narration, and live note drawing. The results have been amazing and she continues to create these valuable resources, see the few sample videos below