friday nighty funky housey disco-y bleepy bloopy bleep go! Set #4 – Archived Audio 20110708 1945

wow. this one really worked out great. i guess i had more tunes stored up in the ‘ol fantasy file than i thought! If you need an hour or so of some funky jams that will probably get you dancing uncontrollably, listen to this. Nothing fancy, not much futzing. But some pretty solid mixing I have to say.

I could have used some overlays in places. You would think with all the audio skills I have now I would be all over some trendy movie clips, or lefty political soundbites or something. Will have to work on it. I’ll listen to it a few times and note any major problems, let me know what you like or not! peace.

I love how @brlamb thinks these tracks are “artfully mixed”!/brlamb/status/89538812245590016
big ups to you my man, peace

also HUGE thank you to @bmann for capturing the skullburst on nanaimo. its already covered up !


“friday nighty funky housey disco-y bleepy bloopy bleep go! Set #4 – Archived Audio 20110708 1945” by draggin is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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A couple more for the archive

Not sure how well this process of archiving is going to scale. Eventually my dropbox will fill up and then I will either need to move these files to my wordpress server or… something.  Can’t think about that now. Here are two more sets that have been living on the soundclound that Im trying to archive for posterity.

#5 (these number refer to the sequence they were originally posted on SC)
Music From When I Was 30 (aka 1999) Archived Audio 20110722 0009b

This set was originally blocked by SC from being uploaded due to a copyright violation in the first track. It seemed to be accepted after I modified the file.

we’ll see if this works. i removed the track that blocked the upload the first time, but im sure my content is being reviewed now.

I have a big blog post a brewin on this one. Not for the whole copyright issue either


harnessing the power of funk Archived Audio 20110726 1928

a spontaneous mix i felt like doing simply cause i needed a pick me up. I’m disabling downloads these days to see if the copyright po-po get off my case. message me somehow if you would like a copy of any of my mixes.

I also started thinking about producing “album covers” for my sets which from this point on were were done.

Dr. J sets #1 and #3

Two going up this week. The 1st and 3rd of my sets as “Dr. J”.  The sound lab is way behind in its processing. huge flood of samples coming in lately. Many in the queue be prepped for release.

Dr. J arrives on the scene.

Perhaps its because I hadnt fully grown into my “Dr. Jones” personality, but at some point I wanted to change my DJ handle to something, easier for me to say. I felt Dr. J was a name I could use because its basically jsut my ACTUAL NAME.

set list coming soon

Spinning for Sunshine

This was an impromptu set, on a day that I was feeling a little stressed out and needed to blow off some steam.  Like it often is, spinning and mixing music accomplishes this.

set list coming soon



Notes from soundcloud

put this together quite quickly, but made very few mistakes, i think its almost listenable all the way through! Cept you my wanna skip ahead of my ramblings at the beginning

“Spinning for Sunshine Set #3 Archived Audio 20110625 1109” by draggin is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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  • draggin
    draggin  at 28.46 3 months ago

    wow! totally lost control of the tempo here, was almost a perfect mix! train wreck to dance to

  • draggin
    draggin  at 22.32 3 months ago

    not well thought out right here, the 2nd track surprised me with how loud it came in. i could improve this loop for later use tho, i like it!

  • draggin
    draggin  at 20.36 3 months ago

    pandas! (not sure what button i pressed here. even little mistakes like this probably mess up the dance floor)

  • draggin
    draggin  at 16.49 3 months ago

    the bassline line could have come in here at max

  • draggin
    draggin  at 12.54 3 months ago

    FRESH! from here on in

  • draggin
    draggin  at 5.59 3 months ago

    the first 2 tracks were also in set #1, but are mixed better here i think. I just LOVE opening with this fatboy slim remix! the beats get fresher after that.