CJSF and sound

EdMedia has begun producing, and helping faculty produce more educational audio resources than ever before. While we offer occasional audio workshops, and have guided budding sound producers one on one as part of the Edmedia program, there are a couple other sources of sound expertise on campus that we think are valuable to check out. First our local radio station CJSF offers Audacity and Sound recording workshops for its “A&E” volunteers.  These are not regularly scheduled so you should sign up to their maillist to get the latest updates!


You may also check out their resources wiki for a bunch of CJSF related stuff including Audacity info and this gem on “Writing for Radio“, with many useful tips.


Finally the folks at CJSF are active listeners and have organized a “listening pod” (similar to a  book club) called “Pod Club – A Storytelling Podcast Discussion Group” which meets once a month to discuss…

If you’re a radio/media nerd and love listening to storytelling podcasts like This American Life, Radiolab, Love + Radio, Strangers, The Heart, 99% Invisible or any other sound stories come join the club!

The next meeting is coming up July 28th! and I’m very interested in checking this out!


In the future the edmedia team is hoping to create more opportunities for SFU faculty to explore sound, including something akin to a Soundcamp as fashioned by colleagues at TRU. More news as it unfolds!


Finding Audio Tools – [T.e.l.l. January]

A sequence of slides accompanied by instructor audio is one of the easiest multimedia enhancements to an online course. But how do you get this media online in a form that best supports learning. Keith Webster and Hayley Hewson from Technology Integrated Learning at the University of Victoria will share the results of their recent evaluation of various solutions to this problem.

Finding the Best Tool for Creating Slides with Audio

[T.e.l.l. January] Finding the Best Tool for Creating Slides with Audio from BCcampus on Vimeo.

Amplify Your Teaching PT I: Listening (turn it to 11)

Amplify set up at the Edmedia Expo Nov
Amplify set up at the Edmedia Expo Nov

Purpose of this activity: To listen to different examples of audio used in an educational context.

Using recorded audio in the classroom is old as recorded audio itself. Educational uses of audio were predicted to be amongst the primary uses of the phonograph intended by Edison in 1878, yet with recent improvements in mobile computing, sound is being increasingly deployed in an educational context.

Some reasons you might consider offering audio recordings to your students:

  • Be part of the “Revolution in podcasting”
  • Enables students to review material and free up class time for discussion.
  • Allow students to produce meaningful
  • Provides students with a study aid they can review after lecture;


Activity: Take some time, and listen to a selection of curated audio segments.