window tapes


window tapes
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Now that the compacts cassettes “time has passed” as it were, the aesthetic quality they have as a physical object continues to be perpeputed in the arts. As in this brilliant photo of a ‘stained glass cassette window’..

Cruising around the the “cassette” tag in fact, I have come across the image of tape cassettes in the most interesting places. Not the least of which are as subjects for artists.

Right now I am looking at this shot of “retro media” from an exhibition in melbourne, a cassette artwork that looks like it was designed to be a poster or wallpaper, and lastly the image of a tape can even adorne the human body. amazing!

The aesthetics of the media itself is a quality lost in the digial environment as all interaction with the technology occurs via the interface, wether in iTunes, or on the iPod. There is no media ‘there’ any more.

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