cheesy android music


Originally uploaded by i-shan.

WIth the mixtape, we were for the first time (en masse) able to give a specific mix to another person. This was a new way to express oneself and great care and attention was given to the creation of these media artefacts.

My project isnt really about mixtapes, it is about collecting, archiving, storing and sorting, and how that is expressed in both the physical and digital spaces.

What is interesting about the mixtape in relation to my project however, was just how special an artefact the mixtape became, and how worthy it was of collecting, and saving. That they could be made at all, customized, ‘packaged’, and presented to another, is a quality of the physical artefact that is difficult to replicate. There are many decent attempts at recreating this experience on the web, and I have set up this flickr discussion to gather more, and see how people feel about the existing ones.

Visit there if you want to look up some good, music mixing websites, or see if your favorite one is already there.