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This slogan was seen quite a bit in the 80’s and this is a great example of its use, stamped on the inside sleeve of a vinyl record. With each new media format, it seems like there is fear from the industry that is built on the older format, and tapes were no exception.

This from wikipedia

…the slogan of a 1980s anti-piracy campaign by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), a British music industry trade group. With the rise in cassette recorder popularity, the BPI feared that home taping would cause a decline in record sales. The logo, consisting of a skull and crossbones formed from the silhouette of a cassette, also included the words And it’s illegal.

The logo itself i find fantastic, and of course was ‘remixed’ onto tshirts by some clever entrepreneurs. via boing boing 2005

Some stats of the media usage over the last 50 years would be useful for me. how the rise of portable media grew from LP’S through 8-track and compact cassette, and finally to CD’s, all of the “pre-mp3′ formats. Most of the information on it, seems to be focussed on how the new tech drives down sales of the old, no surprise there. But is the technology itself completly responsible for ‘music’ sales in general as the recording industry has been quick to whine about? This story from the BBC (2004) is a good place to start anyway.