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mix tapes
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Aaahh the mix. Still a powerful medium no matter what format you are using, except perhaps the Internet. I dont know, there are a lot of sites out there trying to give people ways to make’ the mix’, an interesting networked experience. These are some that come close.

The mixtape collective. Ultimately doomed because there is no actual music on the site, although many music geeks assemble to create, rate and compete for top mix accolades. At least the have cover art.

finetune. This is neat because you can place mix widgets on your blog or website, (I should put one on this blog in fact) but I have found the library a tad limited, and you have to choose 45 songs to create a playlist! Why so many I wonder?

Tiny Mix Tapes. This is a bit more compelling. Submit your idea for a mix via a theme, title or general thought, and see if yours get selected for mix creation by the mixtape robots. Again, no music.

outof5 themed mixes. 10 Songs chosen by 10 individual’s. No archives. I haven’t found out too much about this one, except that they have weekly mixes you can download as zip files. There is music, but I cant figure out if I can contribute or not.

Last but not least, is this nifty flash animation that looks great and plays music, not to mention is quite funny.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if it was a little easier to put something like this together for people? (not to mention have it downloadable to your MP3 player or phone.)

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  1. >Hey!

    I check out the nifty flash site, it’s pretty funny, and at the same time nostalgic. I found it ironic that the last song on the play list was foreigner – I want to know what love is. I couldn’t help but be pulled back to memories of shane. Crazy


  2. >oh dude, im not sure about ‘ironic’, but its touching as hell.

    a good friend of mine has recently gone through a similar experience, completely tragic. you become so aware of the treasure of life.

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