To Digital Or Not?


To Digital Or Not?
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So the project is quickly coming to a close. I’m officially supposed to have my document complete at the beginning of December, but will collecting data until the end of the month. The end of 2006. I’ve been sort of off the blog for awhile, but may try to do a bit more to stimulate my writing.

Doing a few more searches for cassettes in flickr today I dug up this gem. Very staged, but asking a question that is of great interest to me. As we move so rapidly and completely to digital media formats, are we going to lose the “non-digital media” completely? Will we watch them decay and slowly sift through lives, filtering away more as we go, or will these tangible artifacts remain meaningful parts of our lives?

Will digital media behave any differently? Just because the digital seems immaterial and ‘pure’ in the sense it will never degrade, will we want to keep such an increasing record of ourselves?

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  1. >um you know that lawyers would never trust a digital recording of ANY statement// analog is the ONLY format that can be trusted, due to the ease of digital manipulation…..
    I love yer site!!

  2. >I visit this blog so many time,and every time i get some new tips and ideas from your blog, great work.

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