My Cassette Collection (Project Blog)

My Cassette Collection feed mashup


Much the same as my last project on tagging with Anthony, I feel compelled to set up a unique blog to present information about my masters thesis research project. This time I’m using blogger. The My Cassette Collection web presence now consists of the flickr group, the blog, and some explanatory google pages.

I really needed to start using this blog, because many of the images of peoples tape cassette on flickr, have not been added to the pool. By using the “blog this” feature, I can collate these disparate images into one place for review, and I dont have to rely on using my “favorites” to save them. Of course this also gives me a place to make links to other bloggers I am finding that have made references to their cassettes. One in a nostalgic way, the other is a bit more of a collector.

Another interesting note. So far, the services that I have employed for this project include; blogger,, flickr, feedburner, google pages, rssmix, rsstojavascript, technorati, zoomclouds,