2005’s top 100 top 10 lists (84 and counting)

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I thought this would be a good way to kick off the year. Apparently everyone gets all excited about lists, so I started to gather up my own top ten list, of all the other 2005 top ten lists I could find. What with the internet and all, that project quickly ballooned to be the top 100 of top ten lists. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it, running out of steam at a mere 84 lists. I am posting them into delicious with the tag ‘top10’, not sure if that is the most popular tag for this sort of thing or not. I have not included every list I have found, only ones I actually like or am interested in at some level. I also strayed from a specific format, including top lists of all time (as opposed to just 2005 lists), and top lists exceeding ten, often including top 20 lists, top 100 lists and even a top 500 list. At this point, (using popularity on del.icio.us, and my own good judgement as indicators, I give you my top ten (or so) out of the (hopefully soon to be)100 top lists.

  1. 10 x 10 – ok, not really a top ten list, per se, but still, this site has been a long time favorite, and is in itself its own top ten. It fits the theme anyway.
  2. The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 – The list is debatable, and made my list based on the amount of comments it has received and general buzz.
    In a related list… Top Ten Web 2.0 Moments of 2005
  3. The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen’s Weblog Usability) – An easy to read list, the real front runner in blog recomendations lists. Some other notables include; Design Mistakes, Blog Reading, and Better blogging
  4. Top 50 Music Videos Of 2005 – For including links to videos, these kinds of sites will explode in 2006 as video content will become even more accessible via the web.
  5. Top Ten Videos of 2005 – With that in mind I must include the top nature videos as well. Somehow the top 25 webcams fits in here as well.
  6. High points of 2005: the top 10 breakthroughs
    – Top news stories have to be represented, and I’d give my nod to the Gaurians Science page. Will give props to the New Scientist and of course The Onion as well.
  7. The Best Webcomics of 2005 – My appreciation for this medium has slipped a bit, but this list may inspire me to keep up this year.
  8. Google Zeitgeist – what was up over at google in 2005
    2005 Yahoo! Top Searches – at Yahoo!
    Other Top Searches for 2005
  9. Top 10 Tech Transformations of 2005 – a great overview of 2005 events with a slighlty webbish leaning.
  10. The Social Media Top 10 – An interesting list, using Alexa search data and culling the ‘social software’ sites out of the list.
  11. Top 10 Political Humor Videos of 2005 – You have to wade through heaps of ads to get to the content here, but well worth it. I thought the Will Ferrell bit should have been rated higher myself.

I discovered a couple of new sites while on this quest, one that has done its own top ten top ten, (Alternet) most of which made my list. A much more comprhensive list of 2005 top ten lists (top lists 2005) which I had to cull from, but if i need to go back to round up my list to 100 I will. Also an interesting site site specializing in grocery lists which I do not understand but is just cool enough to earn a link.

There is obviously more than 100 top ten lists out there, I just need 14 more good ones, and am hoping to get some ideas from users. If you have any other favorite lists that did not make my list please make a comment (now open) or add them to del.icio.us with the tag ‘top10’. Happy New Year!