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On behalf of the IA Summit 2006 Program Committee, I am delighted
to inform you that the following submission has been accepted
to appear at the conference: The Life of Tags

My collegue and I were fortunate to get our proposal for a paper accepted for the Information Architecture Summit coming to vancouver in march! =)
We were so pleased, we just had to set up a blog to ramp up the writing we are now commited to. Should be an awesome experience as this is the first time I have had a proposal accepted in a peer reviewed setting. Yes, I am more than a little nervous now, particularly since one of my favorite authors (and experts in our topic area) is also the keynote speaker. Dr. D. Weinberger.

Our topic should be great fun. Called, “The Life of Tags“, we will be exploring the idea of adding ‘rules’ to the process of tagging to enhance the usability and overcome some of taggings shortcomings, (all the while trying to preserve what makes it work). The idea is to approach the tag space in a way that reflects behaviours in conways game of life. (check the upper right hand corner) This work will contribute to the ongoing debate about ontology versus folksonomy that has been fueling the web 2.0 fire. My posts on this topic will now move over to Fading Waypoints, but I will tie a feed back here. (I wish I could have a setup for wordpress like Wil has for drupal. His posts from ANY social software site he writes on (flickr, delicious etc.) ALL get published on his main blog. sweet.)

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