A message from del.icio.us support about recent imports

My del.icio.us feed


So my lengthly email last month, bemoaning the sad state of bookmark migration was proven to be little a bit premature. Scott tried to console me with his comments, but I was not convinced I would ever succeed. That was until I received this kind letter from the folks at del.icio.us.

Hi! This is a note to people affected by a recent bug on del.icio.us. We had a glitch in our import function for the past two weeks or so that caused some bookmark imports to fail (partially or completely). We’re very sorry for this inconvenience. It’s now fixed, so the bookmarks you imported should have appeared in your account. If those bookmarks haven’t shown up, please try importing them again. Let us know if a new import still doesn’t work, and we’ll look into that more deeply.

Not sure how they knew i was affected, or why they decided to respond to me but needless to say I was impressed as heck. And this from a service that is 100% free! No sooner did I receive this, I loaded up my entire furl archive and dumped it, popular tags and all, into my del.icio.us account. yay! It was actually quite brilliant, not only importing my notes, tags, and popular tags, but also the date that I originally bookmarked, so it doesnt mess up my chronology.

Now for something completely different. This spam visualization from the Thrind, freakshow that he is thinks its a good idea to shed light on the spam world. bah! i hate spam!