Designers have their way with cassettes… and you can too!

This from designboom.

twenty years on from the hight of their popularity cassettes are all but forgotten by the music industry, but still very much in use in police interview rooms. despite the march of new technology such as digital recording, which makes analysing individual words and phrases much easier, the humble cassette still reigns when it comes to recording evidence. the UK’s police forces, for example, use about 500,000 audio cassettes a year for interviews, half of the estimated one million tapes sold in the UK each year. link

DIY cassette wallet by claire bedard
Instructions on how to make one for yourself

There are many great DIY ideas here using either an actual cassette tape, or merely a representation of one. Personally I like the simplicity of this cassette wallet, something my family may be getting for xmas this year if my budget plans continue the way they have been.

If you are so inclined to follow up on these ideas, I’d also recommend you check out the instructables where are are many tape related projects (with instructions included natch) about how to DIY. Like this one for making Halloween decorations out of your old tapes.

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