Give and take with GIF’s

When considering Open Education Resources you should be aware of the some of the broader contexts in which they are related.

Fair dealing: short excerpts are now ok to use in a controlled environment for educational purposes. Education covers us for the “dealing” part. “Fair” refers to a limited amount and only using that amount. Short excerpts and only providing that excerpt alone. For example you can use a poem from a book providing you only give access to the poem and not the entire book.

SFU’s new copy right office:

OER’s: Open Educational Resources are freely available objects that have explicit licensing on them which are available through searchable online databases like:

(OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes. Although some people consider the use of an open format to be an essential characteristic of OER, this is not a universally acknowledged requirement. wikipedia

Make an OER today!

Animated GIFs have been around as long as the internet itself. It was one of the first native image formats on the web, and was the format for some of the earliest internet art. Today , GIFs are seeing a resurgence in popularity, and making them has never been easier.

In an educational context, there are endless possibilities to using this format, but some popular ways are.

To demonstrate a series of steps, like the proper way to hold and wield a kitchen blade.


To show details of scientific or medical data such as light refraction.


To animate graphs and charts



Or just to tell a story.


Use your time in class to install GIFBOOM APP in



2 Replies to “Give and take with GIF’s”

  1. I’ve downloaded Gifboom into my i-phone and made a simple GIF. You say to send it to your website (, but I don’t see how to do this.

  2. Hey Tom sounds great so you are halfway there! My final resource for uploading a post to this site is not yet complete, so unfortunately you have to make do for now with the rather high level and non technical doodle I posted here.

    This describes the process of making a post, but sadly leaves the technical details and screenshots of the WordPress dashboard out of the picture. Unless you are already familiar with WP this may seem like alot, so apologies for throwing you in the deep end there!

    Also it requires sufficient permissions to access the dashboard, which in your case I have only just NOW given to you so this task has been impossible to now. yikes! All has been corrected now though so check out this link
    whcih should take you to the dashboard of our site. From here you will be able to “add a new post”, and hopefully, work through the lack of information I have provided.

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