Draw it out – Back of the napkin bio

Developing your graphic facilitation skills takes practice, but it’s fun and rewarding activity that can aid in communicating your ideas to others, or working together in groupwork of all kinds.

Learning Objective + Pre-Assessment:   1. Create representations of ideas, expressions, feelings, or concepts graphically 2. Find out background of each participant.  (music, drawing, photography, etc.)

<Display visual agenda… where are we headed?>


“Draw it out” Activity questions

This is a form of “Flipchart resume”, modified from “A Better Icebreaker” post. I have adapted it to suit our activity as the “Back of the Napkin Bio”. As a form of pre-assessment we are going to try and find out a bit more about each participant, and where they are going with their Educational Media, while at the same time practicing our visual communication skills.


1. Get into pairs

2. Divide page into 4 areas, one for each question 3 min “interview” with your partner, document your findings visually. (Leave room for the NAME)

3. Consider the “tips” Shantala has shared with you. Use these to guide your visualizations.

4. Conduct the interview

Interview questions

What creative outlets are you most familiar with, how do you like to express yourself?

What kinds of media are you most interested in embedding in your teaching?

What is (are) your main teaching challenge(s)?

Free Choice: Choose one final question to ask your interviewee


5. Switch and repeat.

6. Gather for critique

Modified from “A Better Icebreaker

Source: http://johnleskodotbiz.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/a-better-icebreaker/

Some tips

Use these tips to help guide your drawings.


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  1. Yesterday was the start of the ‘EDUC 5843 Instructional Design: Creative Design for Learning and Assessment’ course at Acadia University. Paul Syme, the faculty member facilitating the course, could not post to our blog so asked that I share his comments with all of you.

    Thanks to our decision to assure that all resources that support educational media are publicly available, by creative commons licensing and posting on this site those assets we believe will support a more mediatic curriculum, Paul Syme was able to support his learner group more effectively with a wider and richer set of teaching and learning materials! A first day activity introduced our ‘back of the napkin bio’ activity to his cohort of learners.

    This is what one learner thought about his first day in the EDUC 5843 course: http://kyspon.blogspot.ca/2014/07/educ-5843-creative-design-acadia-day-one.html?m=1

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