Trevor Part Two

power to the people
~george westerholm

This post has been brewing since april. My blogging had better get timlier or my ‘cred’ is going to go to shit. Originally, my appreciation for the song “Trevor” by Canadian artist george westerholm [georgewesterholm ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com] was picked up by like minded fans for being listed on my recent music list at . Since blogging this online social interaction, i have received further requests to distribute the track. I could not, with good conscious continue without contacting the artist and explaining the situation to him. I have included his reply below.
Yesterday I was further shown the pervasiveness of this track into the “mainstream, as i caught several of my new colleagues, singing away, …”what’s the dealio?”… I felt very cool, being able to direct them to this site for a full account of my experience. Thanks again George for the awesome tune!

hey jason,
thanks for your message. i appreciate your concern over ripping copies of the song ‘trevor’ etc. i’m not too greatly worried about file sharing and i would be the last one to get all sony or metallica on your ass. i would be grateful if you did as you suggested, direct anyone who does like the song to my website where a disc can be ordered if they want. since 100% of the price of the disc comes to me it’s great when people order it, cause that pays for the next one which i’ll be recording this fall.
but by all means man, write about whatever you want on your site.
power to the people

From: “Jason Toal” <jason_toal>
Reply-To: <jason_toal>
Subject: blogged by trevor
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 13:47:29 -0700Mr, Westerholm,
I have to email you this time. Awhile back my colleague contacted you on behalf of some of us in the office, to purchase your cd, specifically for the track ‘Trevor’ that we heard on DNTO on the CBC. For good or ill, my colleagues and I, (who all shared the expense) ripped the track and shared copies amongst ourselves. This led to an interesting online interaction as the further consequence of me belonging to an online music community, which I posted about on my blog. (which is now the third hit if you try to google. westerholm Trevor). Basically my playlist was indexed by google which led to me being sent requests for copies of the track. (yours is still #11 on my “top tracks” list) Now, the story continues and my blog post is leading to further requests for the song, (like the forwarded mail below). I do admit to sending the first person who asked me for this, a copy of the track, but did not want to continue accommodating more requests until I had contacted you to see how you felt about this situation.
Would you prefer me to direct future requests such as this to you directly? Do you mind a digital copy of your work floating around cyberspace to be found by those lucky enough to find it? Have you thought about your web presence and pursued a strategy to “get online”? (there are MANY options that would be both cheap or free and easy) Should I “cease and desist” all references to you and your work in my public blog as well as distributing illegally ripped copies? I understand that this song represents your own intellectual property and do not want to seem to pimp the track out myself, but there is a small fan community emerging from this experience that could be greatly augmented on line, perhaps by providing this song for download and selling your cd alongside it for those that want to take the extra step. I tried googling you for a site that might be appropriate to send people to, but noticed you have no personal web space to speak of, although you are listed on many interesting music arts and entertainment sites.
Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and please indicate if you mind your reply being posted to my blog, as these kind of issues are of great interest to me these days as a grad student in interactive arts, and I often post this stuff publicly. I’m not trying to sell anything.

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