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Trevor ~ george westerholm

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Installed a new plug-in and am quite excited about testing it out. Taragana’s Del.icio.us mp3 Player WordPress Plugin, should compliment my upcoming forays into ‘podcasting, or what-ever the hell they are going to end up calling it.

This plugin makes any mp3 links (in post or page or any other location in your blog) playable directly on your webpage. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag and post the mp3 link to del.icio.us. This script is extremely lightweight, as is the flash movie that plays on demand. Must-have for podcasters or anyone who wants to allow blog visitors to play mp3 files on the website itself.

Now, THAT is alot of bang for your buck, (free). Playing music directly from my site AND embedded tagability? …I’m giddy.

I wasn’t sure initially what my first audio post should be, but I should have been. A recurrent theme on my blog has been the phenomenon of George Westerholm’s song Trevor. I have added a new category to commemorate this theme in fact. Once again last week, a friend of a friend stumbled across my blog looking for the track. Well now I can present the audio for your listening pleasure right hereon my blog (Not to download) Please be sure to visit george’s site for more info on how to obtain this track. Click the play button at the top of this post.

And do return for more audio goodness, coming soon.