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yesss, im off to the Banff New Media Institute for a dog filled week of blogness at blogsndogs.

a master workshop series on blogging and social networking.

I could use a little work in both those areas, and am looking forward to the activities the faculty have planned. Going over their bios and blogs I see alot of experience and publlications. D Barefoot has already pointed me to an interesting project I was coincidentally reminissing on this very week. Years ago I contemplated the writing on public bathroom walls and that it would make an interesting study in collaborative narrative. Now it seems a group of bloggers have taken up the call.

I am also totally stoked about being in Banff in December! I hope there will be a chance to get out to do a little snoeshowing while i’m there. I’ll be bringing my gear in anticipation. That photo is from last year, where i got a total of about 3 or 4 days for the year due to the particularly wet and warm winter.

The bonus feature at this workshop is the dogsledding day in the Itinerary. It seems like there is and honest to goodness dogsledder blogger as well. cool!