nice doggie

Group pics from Banff


Well I can see its going to be a week of dog references, puns, and plays with word. fun. After some close calls this morning with sleeping, last minute packing, and scrounging for cab fare, i made it on the plane. The blogsndogs conference has collided head on with the xmas party season, and the results were nearly a disaster. But im in the house, snug as a bug.

I am going over some of the main links we will be using to document this event flickr, delicious, technorati, (which is where you should be looking for complete coverage of the events), and see the faculty are already getting started on ODEO. This feels a little like getting strapped into ‘the drop of doom‘ at west edmonton mall, which is one of my more vivid memories of this province. We are meetin and greetin in about an hour, better go get my snack before hand. I wonder if there will be any early birds hanging around in the pub?