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Initially, this post was was going to be just another, in a long list of cheap attempts to draw traffic to my homepage. Since I have no real good reason for anyone to visit, my thought was to give away free mp3 ‘s in the hopes of luring unsuspecting users. Then I find out they are taking off the air, and my small virtual world suddenly becomes smaller and more pointless. Some bullshit about “3) No unauthorized or “bootleg” recordings“, or something. grrr

Essentially, a mashup is

a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination (usually by digital means) of the music from one song with the acapella from another

For more info, as always, see the page on wikipedia, which is now titled Bastard Pop if that is any indication. Made infamous (most recently) with last years break through Grey Album by Danger Mouse the mashup has become a dominant form of expression in the culture of the remix. was(is? will be again?) a great site that hosted a community of mashup artists works, via blog and pod cast, some of them the most innovative music mixes I have heard. There are not too many stages out there for these people to do their thing, and I fear this is only the tip of the iceburg for banning this unusual medium.

It is strange listening to Mashups. It is completely different than a cover song, but has similar properties. I mean, you KNOW the songs you are listening too, they are just not in a familiar context. I had a telling experience the other day while in a bar/lounge seated between two distinct zones, the dining area, and the bar area, each with their own flavor of music going. From where I was sitting, I could hear both songs at the same volume, overlapping, fighting for attention and causing great audio chaos. Occasionally however, there were moments when it seemed like the mix was intentional, the beats matched up, there was a nice compliment of sounds playing off each other to form some new kind of thing. Well this is what mashups are all about, and typically, as in the above definition, the DJ is careful to match only one vocal track to another instrumental to get a clean sound. What is special about the good ones, is the juxtoposition of tracks, and the choices the DJ makes to bring them together. There is also some challenge in selecting two artists that you would think are least likey to mix well, and making it work. Think, Eminem & Lawerence Welk, Michael Jackson & T. Rex, or Guns n Roses & Snoop Dogg.

So with that in mind, and in solidarity with the crew at mashuptown and all the DJ’s, I will present my favorite mashups to you my user. First up is sweet one. You’d almost think it was an original track how well Blondie and the Doors sound mashed. From critically acclaimed gohome productions, this is, Rapture Riders.

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