Permaculture Design Course 2014 – Annual reflection and notes

This time last year marked my ‘official’ foray into permaculture design.  In the little town of Winlaw BC in the Slocan valley, I spent two amazing weeks on the Spiral farm, learning, planting and growing from a permaculture perspective. It was a truly rewarding and life enriching experience. Looking back on this time a year later, I can’t help but recall the knowledge I gained there, in part because the dedicated teacher ( and amazing students that all taught me so much, but also through the sketchnotes I recorded daily of the lessons.

Week 2 - Medicinal plants
Week 2 – Medicinal plants

Up until now these notes have been shared only with a few select friends, as I had scanned them but not been satisfied with any of the ways I had come up with to share them until today. I’ve been experimenting for awhile now trying to choose the best way to publish a large collection of images online, but finally I just settled on a simple WordPress gallery and an attached PDF.  Using a few fancy tricks I was able to display the gallery on the plants page, include links to all the (pretty) attachment pages, as well as provide these as “open educational resources” via a creative commons copyright license.  Mostly this has meant a lot of copy and pasting to the two dozen pages I generated , but I hope in this way these notes will be able to be used by others, and included to future curricula for permaculture design learning opportunities, including my own!

Week 1 - Cover page
Week 1 – Cover page

One aspect to these notes that is different than the curriculum as it was delivered, is the inclusion of the 12 principles of permaculture.  I added the principles into my notes at the rate of one new principle each day although they were not intended to be covered that way. I found it interesting that regardless of the principle I put down for the day, we covered something that was I was able to associate with the days lesson. With over 20 pages of notes I find I have only scratched the surface, and I’m looking forward to building on this resources as my own practice evolves.  You will be able to access this and future resources on my new plants page”

The more I go over them, the more I discover and remember of this course and the most wonderful group of people, my people, plant people whom attended. Special thanks to Gregoire Lamoureux for hosting us on the Spiral farm. PERMACULTURE  FOR LIFE <3


The wonderful plant people of the 2014 August PDC course on Spiral farms.
The wonderful plant people of the 2014 August PDC course on Spiral farms.


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