Open Educational Media

Neon_Open_SignOpen from Wikimedia Commons

This post contains all teaching materials and outline for a the 1 hr. workshop on Open Educational materials. All material in this post were obtained freely on the open web, and similarly, all materials posted on this site, have been made freely available using a Creative Commons license.

Learning Objective: Identify potential sources of open educational resources (OER’s) well suited to your curriculum

Teaching Materials:

Lets chat about openess.

  •  Review last weeks educational media eg. which are open
  • Does anyone have existing course material that is freely available online?
  • Not everything has to be created, it may already exist in a form that you can use for your course.
  • Who has used google to find images for their course? Did you seek permission to use them?

Going into the Creative commons

Something for nothing
from Red Magma

Lets find some open educational resources!

Copyright, what you need to know

SFU opted out of their Access Copyright agreement as of August 31, 2012.

SFU has a new copy right office.  Their web site is they can be contact at: if you have any questions or doubts about copyright contact them.


  • Find resources that are explicitly usable.
  • Avoid using content directly and link to it instead if acceptable.
  • Don’t assume anything.
  • Ask the owner.
  • Read the fine print.  Permission to use may not necessarily mean permission to edit.

Creative Commons Licensing

Read the fine print.  Each OER has its own license.  Free use of an asset does not necessarily mean editing or “remixing”.  Watch for required and recommended attribution:

The fine print: :

The short version: