Observing Cassette Culture: Thesis now available

yay for finishing projects!
The above picture was taken about an hour before my final final deadline. I am not even sure how I managed to pull this off, and yet here I am, done my masters degree. Its especially gratifying doing this level of work on a topic that I am so fond of, and has received such little academic inquiry. (these are the kind of things i can say now)

Once again, a big bunch of thanks for all the participants who contributed images to this study. Couldn’t have done it with ya. There are plans to continue this research, and perhaps rewrite the thing into something smaller and more interesting to read, so stay tuned for that.

For those who cannot wait, I have posted the thesis which you can download here. enjoy!

vive la cassette!

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  1. >good morning jason
    well done good for you it all paid off.another mild stone in you life but a biggy. onward to bigger and better things. what a relief for you. so proud of you!!!! god bless aunty sally xxxx

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