interface grids


I have been contemplating the importance of the grid as an interface form, inspired by a couple of examples that use grids to display snapshot of dynamic information at a glance, namely the news. Newsmap and more recently 10 x 10. aim to filter the barrage of news coming off the wire at each moment, and utilize a grid layout to present the user with a rich visualizations of a news landscape. The news is a complex data source, of continually updating information, and there are many sites available to aggregate rss feeds, which both of these sites do. What can be frustrating from a user perspective is choosing which news source to monitor, and cross referencing sources when i am looking for different perspectives. Interesting here is how these examples offer much more information at a glance than any of the given sources that they draw from. Excellant examples of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.×10.html