I can icon (towards a text/image remix assignment)

Just a fun little wordplay as I like to do some times, thinking about a potential new visual assignments for EdMedia practitioners.

Push-button-receive-baconWe do a lot of exploration in visual recording information in the Going Visual module, but our discussion last week got into some of the nuances involved in using text and image together. We always get a positive response on the “Icon Jam” activity, and I have wanted add to our assignment collection with the idea of “Remaking meaning” by adding new (and surprising) text to common and seemingly universal icons, signs and symbols. I was inspired by the above “Push Button Receive Bacon” meme and wondering how difficult it would be to come up with something like this yourself. It has been done a few other times successfully like in this clever reinterpretation of the “Laundry Symbols Chart”.


or, like the many sign remixes that make there way onto the internet. Regardless, I’ll be giving this some thought and see there is anything going over at the DS106 assignment bank.

No where does the interplay of text an image become more intertwined than in the realm of sketchnoting. I wanted to add one new resources for everyone to check out about this, a handy page on sketchnoting in education.

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