Comics Workshop Day 1

Day 1 – A full day of theory and practice, Scott had us do several comic making exercises considering the balance between clarity and intensity. I should dig out the other work we did here, but there was also home work which I have previously posted.

FLOCK! We discussed the play between words and images. How in comics words are used to express sound. The idea of a doodle assignment focussing on these kind of “word sounds” is appealling to me.

Scott defined comics as a series of choices:
1. Choice of moment
2. Choice of frame
3. Choice of image
4. Choice of word
5. Choice of flow

My big take away from this day, one that lingers with me now is the idea that “The reader meets the artist half way”. To me I find this reassuring as an author, (even if not read by many) that your audience has as much at stake in the interaction as you do. I find this an important part of my relationships as a whole, but always come back to it, when I am having doubts about my work.

Flood! – Eric Drooker

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