Introducing… The ‘Faculty Showcase’ and some new posting tips

We consider everyone who passes through the EdMedia program (EMP) to be ‘faculty’, so in this case we are referring to all our participants who have completed an Educational Media project with us, whether they be faculty, staff or students. The “Faculty Showcase” is a new page on the site that will feature all the Open Educational Resources (OERs) that have been created in our program.

The showcase gathers all the posts on this blog that use the category “OER” and displays them on a ‘pinterest like’ grid that can be easily scanned. As I was going through our existing content it was apparent that in order for these posts to look their best, it would be helpful for authors to follow some simple steps to guide their work.  These tips are relevant for all posts and pages on the site.

How to post your content to the Faculty Showcase.

  1. Make a “New Post” and select “OER” as the category
  2. Upload and insert an image of your content into the post.
  3. Embed your media
  4. Upload and set a ‘featured image’
  5. Publish

Well that is the point form version of the steps, but I will add some more details below. Continue reading “Introducing… The ‘Faculty Showcase’ and some new posting tips”