2024 One way. 2018 She said yes. πŸ’– ⬅️

Jenny and Jason’s five years, five cities, five seasons. 5X5 πŸ’– ⬅️

As February 14th rolls around each year, my Jenny and I have an extra special reason to be romantic: it’s the anniversary of our engagement πŸ’– ⬅️. We celebrate our traditional wedding anniversary date as well, but on Valentine’s day now, six years ago, we embarked on what would be the grand adventure and love story of our lives. To be honest, it was close to midnight the evening BEFORE Valentine’s day that I actually proposed, but that is a whole other story.

Who could have expected the places we would go and the things we would see over the past six years?

It would be impossible to summarize even a fraction of our experiences in a single post, but the image I shared here captures some of our journey from the

“Top of the mountain, valleys below
Skis on our feet, paddling to the flow.”

Jenny and I collaborated on putting this collage together for our 5th wedding anniversary last year. It was meant as a personal reflection activity at the time, and we did not get around to sharing it. Our β€œJ.J. roadshow 5X5”. Five Years. Five cities. Five seasons. 

  • Years: 2019. 2020. 2021. 2022. 2023. 
  • Cities: Vancouver. Summerland. Kamloops. Kelowna. Victoria. 
  • Seasons: Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Moving. 

I can’t imagine any other person with whom I would rather be on this journey.

My Jenny! πŸ’– ⬅️

As I was going through my blog, I looked for pictures I may have posted when we were falling in love, courting, being engaged and all around icky to our friends and family on social media and was surprised to see none. Everything I had shared publicly was posted on social media and was now part of the digital identities companies are clamouring to own or charge us for. I was just thinking, β€œIt’s about time my love was shared on my site!”, when I stumbled upon it, a DRAFT BLOG POST from 2018, almost exactly a month BEFORE I proposed marriage. It was a New Year’s reflection for 2018; I will let you read it yourself,  β€œ2018… One way.” for some insights into my excitement then. I published it today but with the original date of my last revision of the document, January 8th, 2018. If memory serves, I had written this IN ANTICIPATION of making my proposal, but I was still not sure exactly when that would happen, and never got around to publishing it after the fact. As you can read, I had a sense of confidence in my plan. 

It was funny to read this six years later and realize how much we have done and how full circle we have come. Thinking about my goals for the year ahead, not to mention our upcoming next move, It is hard not to be overwhelmed with confidence and love once more. Our journey has really just begun. I love you Jenny! πŸ’– ⬅️