pimp my blog

Not blogging much at all about it, but I have been making progress on my #ds106 assignments. Time to update you!

First on project #2 “Experimenting with my blog.”

This is something I have sorely needed to do. Even though I like to keep things pretty sparse, some of the little extras on a blog really make it or break it. FINALLY went through and got my Akismet key, for some reason never realized before you could move the slider to pay nothing for this.  But I didnt like the sad face it gave me when i did. 🙁

This post will be the test of the twitter tools hook up. (always wondered how others were doing that)  *fingers crossed*

I’m definitely planning to add some of the flickr plugins when I post about the photo assignments.

Other than that, my favorite addition through the “pimp my blog” phase was the addition of the ds106 radio player! More on that later.

Another major hurdle (for me) in getting truly set up to do digital storytelling the way its done in #ds106 is subscribing to the various web services that add value to your blog and form the vital social links to connect you to the cloud. First off was flickr. It had been awhile since I had a pro account, and I was pretty firmly against it.  I was kinda getting into the “host your own” idea.  I mean Im paying for the hosting anyway, and there are so many good tools for managing and archiving photos right?  but when it comes to the quantity of photos we are talking about , and indeed those damned social networks, well nothing can beat it.

Since I was going there, I thought why not bite the bullet and reload my last.fm subscription as well (even though im not sure hom much i will listen to it while #ds106radio is on the air!). I forgot how awesome last.fm radio is! Both of these I am familiar with, and have paid for in the past, but now there is something new on the scene… SOUNDCLOUD.  What with all my recent sound crafting, I am going to need someplace special to keep those as well.  For some reason this most recent subscription pleases me the most. Stay tuned boppers!