Comics workshop – Day 2

Day 2 – A great critique to start off the day, reminded me how valuable this pedagogy can be in creative work if done well, and Scott is a master. Image and word are “flip sides of the same coin” but the choice of when to use one or the other is a question I still ask myself today.

There was extensive discussion on faces and expressions, which for me was tough to take in since I rarley draw faces on my little characters. I’ve been pondering the the reason for this but for now will settle with the fact I do like the challenge of expressing emotion with no face. Scott introduced us to the Grimace Project followed by a lecture on facial expressions and gestures. He then assigned us the task of translating various emotions and gestures into drawings.

Take away quote: “The knowledge and expectations of the reader is your medium”
To me this builds on the idea the “reader meet you halfway” and reminds me that there is always a discussion occuring between the author and audience. You can anticipate their expectations and play with how much knowledge they will need to be drawn deeper.

Emily Carroll –

Drawing the Head and Hands – on amazon

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression – on amazon

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