Power of Design


I was fortunate to attend last weeks Power of Design conference put on by AIGA.

This book was included in the conference pack and startled me somewhat at first. I mean, the “A” in AIGA does stand for “American”, but surley this was not government sponsored propoganda bebing pushed through a design conference?

In fact, the book was the work of two of the keynote speakers from WestingHouse Studios, William Drenttel and Kevin Smith, and was promoted as an important cultural document that interestingly is not available in print. Or wasn’t until these designers decided to make it so. I think the statement of expressing this document in the real and solid form of a book was of the more profound at this conference.

It is our belief that the policies outlined in this report will have a far-reaching impact not only on American life, but on the coming course of world events. In a democracy such as ours, participating in public and critical discourse about the course of our society?s future is both an inalienable right and a necessary responsibility of every citizen. Without discussion, no society can achieve a consensus on its future direction.

The overall theme of the conference really should have been “how designers can make the world a better place”, but i cant knock it too much as this is something I tend to believe as well. Unfortunately with a predominace of the attendees being from the ‘graphic design’ field, i can’t help but feel that the perspective of new kinds of designers, wether it be ‘experience designer’ or ‘information designer’ was missing. In the coming years I think we will sees all manner of change in the world, and those changes will come from the work of innovators and dreamers, wether they practice any form of design or not.