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monday, feb 10, 2006,
Moosecamp Mashup ~ An early morning edublogger fiesta. monday, feb 10, 2006,

Updated: February 19th:
Its done. The recording of last weeks moosecamp discussion amongst; brian, alan, d’arcy, scott, and a room filled with bright eyed and bushy tailed edubloggers is now available on this post. A few caveats. I have edited down the talk to a managable 10 min of highlights. Apologies if i lost a few pearls along the way. Due to the severe poor quality the original recording,(my bad, but im getting better) I was forced to overlay some background ‘textural elements‘ , so its sounds like we were having one big party in there. and we were! 🙂
I dont know if its worth it for someone transcribes this talk like beverly has done below, but this format does still demand a fairly captive 10 min of your life, where as a text summary can be skimmed in a minute. I will be releasing the original entire talk to the talented speakers, at which point it may all become available, but not on my servers.

We’ll see if this post ends up getting aggregated in technorati or not.

Thanks to beverly for taking notes on alan’s recording of nancy’s talk.   I had intended to listen to it myself, (all 52 min of it) , but since it is transcribed so nicely, it’s much easier to digest. The power of internets. sweet. I discovered her post by the fact that I have aggregated the NV technorati feed into my own post below.  One thing i do not get is why that post is not yet part of the NV feed even though I have clearly tagged it northern voice, and northernvoice.  I am using the Ultimate tag warrior plug-in for wordpress which D’Arcy recently told me was not working out so well for him.  I’m going to have to contact him somehow to find out what he switched to again as I have forgotten.