mayday mayday

holy crap, is this blog ever in a nosedive. neglect, an unstable hosting environment… neglect. I have only myself to blame. i fear the end is drawing near. but do NOT worry! I have 1/2 a dozen or so other blogs to fall back on. subscribers should not mind, except for that annoying ‘every single post as one freakin long post’ business.

Look for more action over here in the ensuing months, if you are the edublogger sort. although that url is likely to change. there are many odd things creeping up over at sfu these days, of the blogging variety. too early to tell, but it oughta be sweet!

4 years of blogging about to come to and end… in one way its sorta sad. but in another, more accurate way, its totally awesome!

There will also be more activity on my research blog, as i wrap things up this month. now THAT is awesome. word.