Cintas de Cassettes (QDEP)


Cintas de Cassettes (QDEP)
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The aesthetics of the compact cassette now has retro appeal, but there were many avid fans of the form of tapes back in the day. This photo was also used over on the Music Thing for a post called “The strange world of German cassette collectors“. Tom comments,

…I was so intrigued to find someone paying over $100 for an old blank cassette tape that I’ve been looking into this shady network…

Since starting this research, I have been gathering contributions in the flickr group, and also posting some other links and stories here from other blogs etc. I have also now added an email address to which people can submit stories, pictures or what have you. PLease feel free to contact me at this address or to send your photos and stories. It may be a bit easier.

This is an exerpt from a friends email, who had some memories around tape collecting.

I wish I had access to my mix tape collection now, real timepieces.

Funny, about a week before I got your email (below) I was looking at a cassette tape, think it was a Teac or something, but it’s grat how they become such a designed item above their own function. Remember when the big window ones came out? WOW, look all that tape. Then the transparent ones after that…..woahza!

thanks evil-e ! =)