Soundlab goes home

Loris birthday party-cast – Nicecast Archived Audio 20110528 2101

Some catching up to do on my blogging here, oh so much catching up.

Back in June, we took a little trip to Nelson to attend an educational technology conference.  It gave me a chance to take my dj gear on the road, broadcast a couple of shows, do some live gigs, and even lay background audio at the closing plenary session with G. Potter and B. Lamb. It was a whirlwind roadtrip adventure as Grant recounts here. What it tested for me was the flexibility I have taking my gear on the road, and I’m pleased to say I’m almost 100% mobile! As long as I have power, I feel comfortable setting up almost anywhere and have figured out a couple of different soundsystems depending on the scale required.

The real purpose of this post however, is to begin archiving the DJ sets I’ve been recording. My soundcloud account is at capacity, so in order for me to post new sets, I need to remove older ones and some of them I want to remain available online. To do this I’ll blog the latest upload hopefully with an interesting tale and visuals (see below), use dropbox to store the file,  and WPaudio to embed it, which I love so far. Eventually Ill need to upgrade my dropbox or figure out how to increase the file upload capacity on my blog, but this should hold for awhile.

The first set to be removed from soundcloud is one I did enroute to the Nelson conference, and was for a friends birthday party.  As you can see from the .gif below, I was having a grand old time in my moms BASEMENT, and broadcasting my set on the mighty #ds106radio (Radio4Life). My friends were tuned in back in Vancouver, and although I couldnt see what was going on, managed to entertain for a good 3 hours. It was a bit of an odd experience, even though my mom and aunt and uncle hung out for awhile and watched, I was basically alone in my old bedroom. I knew the music was background for the party, but I had a room of listeners, a days drive away tuned in and sending the occasional twitter comment for feedback. I enjoyed it but, it was challenging to stay motivated even tho I new I had faithful ds106radio listers tuned in as well.

If I do this again in the future (and I plan to), I’d really like to increase both the audience participation, and my ability to get feedback from them and would like to experiment with shared webcams, maybe via a G+ “hangout” thing perhaps. It would would be really beneficial, (and awesome) to see listeners and have the listeners be able to see each other as everyone rocks out to the funky sounds. I saw something like this on the internet once but now cant seem to find something similar.