Small Soundlab – Project launch

Small Soundlab
Concept art for the Small Soundlab project coming in 2016.

I’m kicking off a new project in 2016, dubbed the “Small Soundlab” which, if you’ve been following the small house movement will be a familiar tome. I’m seeking freedom and independence of sorts. Freedom from mortgages and independence from the grid. As a means to this end I have decided a small transition dwelling is in order, one that will be useful now while I live and work in the city, and will provide shelter when it comes time to relocate to the country, spend a summer off the grid, or possibly take to burning man. Regardless, the immediate need is for an art studio while still an urban dweller and I’m excited about taking on the challenge of building a structure such as this myself.

Although I’ve had the inspiration for this idea from a friend at work for a couple of years now, it became more of reality for me after a discussion with a friend who has recently become passionate about tiny house design.  After a couple dinners and much discussion about my ‘requirements’ she was able to generate some quick sketches of what my ideal tiny structure may look like.

The first concept locked into this idea of a tiny hose as a mobile stage, which is the idea driving this forward more than other. Large side doors opening up to expose the DJ booth within. The ‘booth itself will mostly be existing furniture, as I want to keep as much open space as possible in the build as possible. nova scotia houseThe exterior treatment will been inspired by a recent trip to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which amazed me with the modern forms and rustic materials of more recent homes. One thing I loved about these buildings were the blend of tin siding and weathered wood.  There were also may sliding barn door designs, something that I have seen incorporated into BC tiny house design such as the Nelson tiny house Acorn House.

Next, I introduced the idea of an artist studio. To me this is as large and bright an interior space as possible. I think my designer newly branded “Cozy Rebel Design” went a bit far towards an artist studio and lost a few “DJ pad essentials in this version, but I still like the openness of space, and number of windows.  To me this design is still to ‘cozy cottage feeling, and I will want something much more sparse.

There are many aspects to this project that I am totally unprepared for. The financial, the building skills, the materials and the space.  I’ve begun by looking for like minded individuals to team up and collaborate with.  To start its the building site that will be priority one, and the most difficult to come by cheap in the city.  Hoping to report a bit pf progress towards this project over the xmas holidays, then begin building as soon as possible in the new year. 2016 here we come!