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what a day. we were dogsledding for most of it, but got back to work after dinner. Eric gave an intro to video casting and will be posting some of our adventures out on the snow. He sure makes it look easy and fun to do, but more interesting to me is how this work occurs at the intersection of the blogosphere, the rest of the mediated world, and the real world. He admits that he uses the language of television, its formats and techniques as the model for design, and presentation. We are all somewhat familiar with television as an audience, it is a language we ‘get’. but videocasting?

I kinda hope the term ‘videocasting’ does not stick, but regardless of how we end up referring to it, this form of expression is undergoing explosive growth, and I think it is very difficult to predict how it will unfold into the mainstream. It is at that young, awkward, impressionable stage in all new medias evolution, that it merely has to emulate what has come before (tv amongst many others) until it matures and comes into its own. The smart guys that wrote this book explain it very nicely, the process of introducing some technologically new media form to a society by making it look like something familiar. It is a very natural process. I will have to try and dig out a good quote when I have more time.

I cant help but wonder, and specualte and dream, (waking up in a cold sweat?) how will all this ‘casting culture change us as a society? as people?

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An interesting theme is emerging today, the idea of intertwingling a bunch of social sites (enabled by rss) together to enhance the ‘one stop shop’ for you, or what you are considering your main site. I have been trying to do this for awhile, but due to laziness mostly, I have only been able to go so far. If today is any indication, at the end of this conference I could easily double the number of sites I belong and publish to(weee), which will signifigantly enrich this little corner of www. Not only am I learning of new services out there that will be fun and useful to add to my ever growing arsenal, it is inspiring being in the presence of such ‘digital lifestyle’ masters as our faculty. They live and breath this stuff, and it is a challenge to try and keep up. To begin, Kris has asked us to publish the sites we already belong to, so as a group we can begin to link up online. here goes…
bloglines – is dead!… long live google reader.

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yesss, im off to the Banff New Media Institute for a dog filled week of blogness at blogsndogs.

a master workshop series on blogging and social networking.

I could use a little work in both those areas, and am looking forward to the activities the faculty have planned. Going over their bios and blogs I see alot of experience and publlications. D Barefoot has already pointed me to an interesting project I was coincidentally reminissing on this very week. Years ago I contemplated the writing on public bathroom walls and that it would make an interesting study in collaborative narrative. Now it seems a group of bloggers have taken up the call.

I am also totally stoked about being in Banff in December! I hope there will be a chance to get out to do a little snoeshowing while i’m there. I’ll be bringing my gear in anticipation. That photo is from last year, where i got a total of about 3 or 4 days for the year due to the particularly wet and warm winter.

The bonus feature at this workshop is the dogsledding day in the Itinerary. It seems like there is and honest to goodness dogsledder blogger as well. cool!