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It could be me, but my tag cloud seemed to get a heluvalot cooler over night. As you can see, my tag cloud has recently been activated. yes! After waiting for what seemed like an eternity from the time i signed up, it finally happened. I understand this kind of service being popular these days, but are there really THAT many geeks out there? hmmm. Now, i’m told the interface is quite a simple thing to set up, but for myself, I am happy to be able to register (even if it means a bit of a wait) for a service like tagcloud to provide customizable link aggregation, and be the interface middle man. The thing that I recently was pleased to noticed however, is how dynamic the information is. I wasn’t initially that impressed because the keywords did not seem very relevant at all. But over the last couple days, I have noticed the tag cloud is rendering more meaningful words to describe the kinds of feeds and content i am putting into it.

As I imagine how users can take tags to the next level, for the upcoming IA summit, I look forward to putting our ideas to the test to see if the feedback companies like tagcloud afford, has anything to do with how users expect the data to be displayed. Not that I expect we’ll get that far.

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  1. hey! i noticed the tagcloud … and since i got mine a day or two ago, it hasn’t updated at all. which means its like absolutely empty with that ‘there is no data’ text in there.

    i just wanted to ask you how long it took your cloud to update, and get all the tags!
    thanks! you can mail me on the email provided, or just reply here! 🙂

  2. I signed up on Dec 9, and emailed tagcloud the next day in my impatience. They replied the next week, saying they were about a week behind, and i noticed it appeared on the 9th of december. i was checking everyday 😉 so it was pretty much a month.

    a long wait, but it was the holidays and all.

    a word of advice. try to think of all the tagclouds you will want to use and add them. it seems like, when they get to your account, they publish whatever you have in there in one batch. now that i have added a few more, i am in a waiting period for the new ones.

    thanks for the comment =)

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