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2nd post. Still trying to just get up the whole collection of links at this time. I’ll work on categorizing the links a little later, when i find a more flexible template. so let’s go see if we can throw a few more up…

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1st post. the beginning. the seed. the point of no return. The premise is to promote pixel-art, and those who participate in this obscure, obsessive compulsive, artform. I will post links, opinions, work and provide a(nother) space for pixel glorification interactions to occur. please contribute.

NEC crafts a robotic helpmeet from PC parts

By Yoshiko Hara
EE Times
March 23, 2001 (10:18 AM EST)

TOKYO ? Researchers at NEC Corp. are giving new form to relatively mature PC technologies in the person of Papero, a “partner personal robot” that follows in the footsteps of Honda’s Asimo and the pawprints of Sony’s Aibo. While Asimo mastered bipedal locomotion and Aibo approximates the companionship of a family pet without the attendant carpet stains, Papero’s creators are focusing on the human-machine interface, honing the experimental robot’s sensing, recognition and communications skills to position the 15-inch-tall mobile platform as a true personal assistant.
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