Where are you Jeff Macleod?

“Ambient findability describes a world in which we can find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime.”

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Apparently everyone and everything will soon be as findable as an”I’m feeling lucky” link on google, or so says peter m., the author of ambient findability. I have not been able to the put this book down, I must have read it 2 or 3 times already in the past two weeks. It brings together so many of the topics and trends I have been tracking as part of my graduate research. It’s been out for a couple of months now (damned if I know why it took ME so long to find it) so I will post a few links to some exerpts (A.L.A.) and interviews (boxes & arrows, business week,)that I thought added some insight. (all came up in the first google search). Yesterday, David W. noted that the bibliography has been indexed in delicious by Livia L. making the references for the book all findable from one place, a tag. sweet.

The only problem with the book as far as I can tell is that its totally not true. One of many examples. I was away last week at a stellar conference in Banff, and I was hoping to take some time to hook up with my old school chum Jeff Macleod. He used to work at Burntsand in Calgary, but I heard rumours he may have moved over to RedDot or something. Anyway, our relationship, like so many, was close but infrequent. We HAD managed to stay in touch though for the past 15 years, even if we only spoke once every couple of years. So, I cant find his number anymore, and fire off a few emails to the last known email addy at burntsand. no reply. I go to the company websites to see if he is still listed, nothing there. Thats when the googling kicks in, and I figure this guy will be easy peasy to find, as he is in the tech biz and all, buuut his name unfortunately is a little too common and there is some hockey player that dominates the results. So I try 411, and call every J. macleod in the book. I get a tip from the conference to use zoominfo and still, nothing! Where are you Jeff Macleod?

Hopefully this post will somehow find him instead, and we can be reunited, cause if he IS still living in Cowtown he has become completely UNFINDABLE. peace.

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