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This post has snowballed a bit over the past week, so its kinda like a podcasting mish mash now. The latest news is the arrival of my new gear, which I will be using for a couple of upcoming projects in ’06. I searched around alot to find the right setup at the right price, but settled for getting what could be easily shipped into this country, and took paypal. The Classroom Studio Bundle from M-Audio, (so legitimately named) is a perfect solution for me, by far outdoing what I thought I was going to be able to afford. It is unusual that the product bundle is no longer listed on their website. I used Bart’s article at the PeachPit as my main source source of information. I tried others, but always came back to his high recomendation for the mobile-pre usb. Hopefully it works out for me.

This will be my last post referring to the BlogsnDogs conference I attended. Sweet memories of ice, snow, blogs and dog shit are still fresh in my mind. I put together a page of feeds and my brief notes on a wiki page. Although podcasting has been on the radar for awhile now, this conference was my first experience seeing it up close and in person, asnd in the hands of veterans in the medium, it was quite impressive. Kris and Roland are particularly active in this area, and set up their portable studio, or whip out their mic’s at a moments notice. Their mixer setup allows for many people to participate in the production which is nice, and the one thing I will not be able to do.

Now for the rant. Why podcasting? Can’t we call it something else? I mean, essentially its an audio blog. In the case of video ,the term ‘vlog‘ is being promoted not videocasting. I know ‘alog’ is not going to work but lets think about it a bit ok? I also loooathe the reference to ‘ipods’. (even tho you will have to tear my shuffle from my cold dead hand) Obviously people can listen to them on an ipod, but honestly, they really have nothing to do with it, except they play audio. I will be trying to think about it and make some actual suggestions instead of just whining about it, but I just really think it should change. Any ideas?
(I’ll soon be opening up comments to make feedback less painful)

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