What I thought I would do for my thesis




Well I have considered this sort of direction anyway, but this site shows how easily third party interfaces can be used to access data from another site, and demonstrates the potential benfits for going to the effort to do so. Revealicious, allows you to view your del.icio.us links in a whole new context. Emphasizing the visual relationship of tags over the textual. To be sure, there have been a raft of adds, hacks, kludges that have emerged as a consequence of their open source API.
The Blog, Quick Online Tips has been tracking them since feb 05, and has now logged over 100 (105) such remixed products. I have seen many of them, and should come up with a shortlist or categorize them myself to see how many specifically attempt to augment the interface, what techniques and technologies they use etc..

Revealicious is a set of graphic visualisations for your del.icio.us account that allow you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them.

It has some of the benefits that others have introduced and taken them a step further. There are three modes for viewing your links,

1. SpaceNav (demo), which allows you to explore the structure of your tags in a rather recreative manner.
2. TagsCloud (demo), which is an interactive and enhanced version of the tagscloud available in del.icio.us
3. Grouper (demo), which is an experimental interface for grouping and working with tags.

I find the SpaceNav the more striking and useful of the three, as it operates on an almost purely visual basis, forcing you to explore the patterns to find semantic information. These are all considered “demos” so we should see them evolve, excellent!