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My buddy rod is too cool for school. First he breaks his leg, then he whips up this elegant wakka hack that allow remixing of rss feeds right into any wiki page. marvelous! This page is a remix of several staff in the LIDC that have started blogging. Oh the fun we are going to have with this.

For those of you not converted, wakka wiki, it is the premier, wiki of choice, for all discriminating wiki users. Oh sure there are others out there that have a larger slice of the overall wiki-pie. Those with flashy marketing and branding strategies, and new ones coming out all the time. But none I have used so far really give you what you want and nothing more. The temptation is always to trick out these simple tools with a myriad of features, special discussion tools to help scale your wiki community. Sometimes they work quite nicely. But for straight forward wiki righteousness I always come back to wakka. Now, that aggregation/syndication is on everyones mind, this kind of feature could really kick some doors open in the those businesses. I’ll bet our sister wakka friends will be eager to utilize this functionality themselves. All it needs really is to generate an outgoing rss feed and we’re there. Maybe i’ll break his other leg. đŸ˜‰

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  1. You’re too kind, my man. Except for that “other leg” business. Karma will get you, watch out. But yeah, an RSS-to-RSS ‘demultiplexer’ would be pretty radical. I have an idea perhaps of how to pull it off. Stay tuned…

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