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education building


You poor, poor thing. Hello User has not been treated very well recently… aaarrrgh coming up to two whole months with no posting! It’s not that I have stopped blogging, its just I have been spreading my time and words out a bit more, and most recently reformulating my overall plan. I have been involved in the Social Learning project this year, and although I have not been particularly prolific over there either, that’s where most of my posts have been going. I thought I could share those posts here as well, but have decided to keep Hello User going as a persoanl/research space, and recently launched a new edublog for me to use specifically for my day job stuff.

I am proud to announce (softly) the launch of

education building

I am still using a WordPress, because i love wordpress, and as you can tell this has a very official look and feel, meaning i probably wont be swearing too much over there. (which will free me up to swear more freely on this space. yay!) Anyway, this is kind of a divide and conquer strategy, not sure how it will work, but I’ll be doing some RSS mixing and remixing to give different audiences different ways to keep track of me.

What should I do with all my old cassette tapes?As for Hello User, you can look forward to me continuing to blog here on more diverse and likely bizarre topics as I am heading into the final stage of my masters thesis, and would like to document alot of that here. As a teaser, I can tell you I am looking at the way people store sort and retrieve items ftom their collections of media. I am beginning by looking at analgoue cassettes and mixtapes. Do you keep them? burn them? make artwork on them? share them? This research is going to be conducted intitially using flickr… check out my first artefact.