Taraxacum officinale animation

Taraxacum officinale from jason toal on Vimeo.

I’ve been having a great time tinkering with McLaren’s Workshop app this week, and am already considering ways it may be used as a teaching tool, as well as a simple maker of art (for some odd reason). I thought I would jump in on the Vancouver Draw Down Daily Draw Project for Day 7 on this one, even though I am several days late I have it on good authority it’s “better nate than lever”.

Like many Canadian kids I grew up watching short animated films  from the NFB, so much so that I thought it was was one of our national pastimes. I distinctly remember being amazed by the McLaren films particularly as they were so abstract, but able to convey so much emotion and story just using light and shape over time. I remember being particularly fascinated with “Boogie-Doodle” and have returned it it frequently over the years for inspiration and delight.

Boogie-Doodle by Norman McLaren, National Film Board of Canada

Seems like there is plenty to dig into in the NFB Education archives as well.

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