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I attended an interesting local art event last week, it seems artists are now foraging into the world of portable media players as an outlet for their creativity. The folks at The Escape Artists Society held vancouvers first (as far as i know) video ipod art show, EYETEASERS.

The event (held at the amazing vegetarian restaurant and lounge The Foundation) was structured as an interactive auction, where visitors would rent portable players at their table, to watch a series of 3 ipods, loaded with the various works of the show. At the end of the evening, the audience bid for 6 weeks of exlusive viewing privelages of the piece the lucky ones were able to win. And yessir did I win! I decided to go all out (with a little help from the crowd and the rubber glove guy, thanks guy!) and won the amazing piece, “Eye Contact” by “Sara Thatcher, from San Fransisco. This video won crowd favorite in the voting for the evening, and was sure to fetch a fine price. I wont go into the details of that, but the piece is now mine… all MINE!! (at least for the next five weeks).

Going through Sara’s Website there are many interesting projects, which she summarizes succinctly in her artists statement.

My work investigates the nature of art as an exchange between the artist and the viewer. This generally takes the form of small, deliberate activities or gestures. Often there are two distinct audiences for each piece. One group participates directly in the exchange; the other participates through the documentation of this interaction.

This is certainly true for her video iPod piece Eyecontact. I may be rushing things a bit by posting this on google video so soon, but I have given the artist full credits, and just really wanted to share this with everyone. This piece is specifically designed for the ViPod, so it is not the same experience on a desktop or laptop as when you can install it on your device and use it in the context of a crowded room. The artist words better explain her motivations.

My work investigates ‘social practices’ and interactions. I am fascinated by gestures such as holding open the door, physically walking in another person’s shoes,
and eye contact. The intimacy that the Vipod offers is particularly attractive and presents a great platform to discuss and activate eye contact.

Now lets see if this plug-in works.

Admittadly, another reason I am posting this is an excuse to install the new Extreme Video Plug-in from Ross Gerbasi, and get my google video account fired up. Which is also one of the reasons why I am so late getting this posted. Slow blogger that I am. This plug-in looks to be the best one for wordpress right now as it allows linking to google videos, YouTube, and jsut a bunch of othe stuff. It IS Extreme after all. So far so good, I think now that I’m fully audio and video equipped there could be much more interesting content on this blog. If I can just remember to post!

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The internet is SO into video this year. Brian inspired me with this thoughtful post last week, which I had to link to in my new edublog, education building, since the online delivery of ‘media’ is so vitally important to educators. I am following up here also because, well, I wanted to quote Tom Green, and this is now my ‘swearing’ blog.

The quote…

Ya fuck the old media man,… i was never part of that shit,… bunch of bullshit.

I began following Toms online exploits a couple of weeks ago thanks to geekentertainmenttv, “an emerging global media empire“, which I am also enjoying very much. Big ups to Irina and the GETV team…
Eddie Codel
Irina Slutsky – from russia with love
Jennifer Myronuk – Authorization Required
Sarah Pullman – vancouvers own
Violet Blue

Irinas interview with tom was great. I have never been his biggest fan, but I have respected his innovative style and approach to comedy, namely, really fuckin weird. This interview I find quite funny in itself, but its also hints at a new wave of entertainment postioned to challenge the so called, “old media”, namely television.

Tom is launching the first ever (?), live, online, internet call in show, THIS THURSDAY June 15th. There is a fairly funny recording on his site right now, (no permalink? ) which shows some of the set up he has got going on in his living room, which all looks quite professional actually. He is apparently going to be doing at least 50 shows this year, in what looks to be a ‘traditional’ talk show format (with guests and everything) except for the fact that it is online, and that its Tom. I’ll be tuning in to that for sure, or watching on friday, or whatever.

Now for the big finish, to make a connection between the recent rise of video blogging, and a new sport called Parkour… from the wikipedia entry

Parkour is an art form of human movement, focusing on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in one’s environment.

K, so maybe the connection is a bit of a stretch, I dont know, can you see a connection?

It seems crazy, but I have seen kids doing this around vancity, and wondered what the hell they were up to. The earliest story I could find on this was from The Daily Item Sept 2004, and more recently the story was picked up by the Totonto Star. There is an ‘official’ parkour site with some amazing videos, an official community site , and of course in canada here, we were subjected to this ad for about 4 months straight.

This post was inspired today when, tom pointed to an amazing video on his blog (tsk tsk.. no permalink here either) which brings this whole post full circle… from russia, this is a video of parkour in full effect. Totally unbelievable, and beats the crap out of American Idol any day of the week. Why watch TV when stuff like this is available online?

Alas my own days of doing backflips off of second story buildings is well behind me, but perhaps I can innovate some kind of parkour for midlifers… sort of… thing…