Scott Venners

Scott VennersScott began asking about podcasting, but wanted to explore the spatial relationships in data analysis, in three dimensions. Initially we talked about using Maya 3D software, but after participation in the EMP, he realized how much could be done with basic tools and screen recording.

making videos for his class similar to what you would find at Khan academy, and has gone on to create a rich collection of resources on his youtube channel./

Dawson City Road trip w/ timelapse and maps

Compiling a few media artifacts from (one of) my summer vacation(s) this year, the Whitehorse -> Dawson City sojourn, I had to share this sweet timelapse video I created from the RV drive up. I was travelling with my sis and her family, to check out the Dawson City Music Festival, and if you don’t blink, you may be able to catch one of my nephews pit stops along the way.

Whitehorse —> Dawson City: Timelapse #DCMF – On My Way from jason toal on Vimeo.

The entire journey was 532 km, but we started the video on the second day from a little place called Carmacks. Total distance 355 km. In geeking out to write this post I created a G map to both check out the distance and give this video some context. To take it a step further, here is a test of the embedded map. (which was not as straightforward to create as it should have been).

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You can’t post a timelapse video without a sweet piece of music to bring it to life, and I got lucky with the audio here having recorded many of the performances I saw at the festival. Listening back to my archives I came upon this amazing track from Sam Martin recorded SANS the haggard, but in a gospel set at the St. Pauls Anglican Church. The lyrics to “On My Way” (Mavis Staples version) not only fit the theme perfectly, referencing travelling to freedom land with my sister and brother, but also was a match at 3 minutes and 33 seconds exactly!

To complete this post I felt some photos were necessary, since I got some amazing ones of the churches in Dawson and as well I’ve been trying to figure out a workflow to use google services for photo sharing.  Nothing good to report here!  I created an album in G+ which I think is public but I cant embed here as a slideshow like I might with flickr. There does seem to be ways to accomplish this using Picasa, but synching these photos to cloud services is still confusing me greatly. Finally I gave up and stumbled into making a collage in in Picasa.

Dawson City Music Festival 2013, A roadtrip with nephews
Some churches in Dawson City while on roadtrip with my nephews to check out the #DCMF


Educational Media distribution and you

Learning Objective: Map learner-centered options, for your course, for accessing/distributing media

Mobilizing Media

  • What should you support?  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)…  Do you have to build 4 versions of your media/app?
  • HTML5 is as an answer to our ‘build it once and it will work for all devices’ goal.
  • Demo how to distribute video via HTML5

Push vs. pull

Web 2.0 technologies provide teachers with new ways to engage students, and even allow student participation on a global level.
Web 2.0 technologies provide teachers with new ways to engage students, and even allow student participation on a global level.
  • Web 2.0 a term coined in 1999, this refers to the Internet as a place where things get done, as opposed to places where you go to read stuff.
  • Using RSS vs visiting websites vs email vs carrier pigeons ( Google Reader, Feedly, Rolio, The Old Reader, )
  • RSS for courses in action ( French 215- D100, ds106 ,)

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