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Trevor ~ george westerholm

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Installed a new plug-in and am quite excited about testing it out. Taragana‚Äôs Del.icio.us mp3 Player WordPress Plugin, should compliment my upcoming forays into ‘podcasting, or what-ever the hell they are going to end up calling it.

This plugin makes any mp3 links (in post or page or any other location in your blog) playable directly on your webpage. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag and post the mp3 link to del.icio.us. This script is extremely lightweight, as is the flash movie that plays on demand. Must-have for podcasters or anyone who wants to allow blog visitors to play mp3 files on the website itself.

Now, THAT is alot of bang for your buck, (free). Playing music directly from my site AND embedded tagability? …I’m giddy.

I wasn’t sure initially what my first audio post should be, but I should have been. A recurrent theme on my blog has been the phenomenon of George Westerholm’s song Trevor. I have added a new category to commemorate this theme in fact. Once again last week, a friend of a friend stumbled across my blog looking for the track. Well now I can present the audio for your listening pleasure right hereon my blog (Not to download) Please be sure to visit george’s site for more info on how to obtain this track. Click the play button at the top of this post.

And do return for more audio goodness, coming soon.

Trevor Part Two

power to the people
~george westerholm

This post has been brewing since april. My blogging had better get timlier or my ‘cred’ is going to go to shit. Originally, my appreciation for the song “Trevor” by Canadian artist george westerholm [georgewesterholm ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com] was picked up by like minded fans for being listed on my recent music list at last.fm . Since blogging this online social interaction, i have received further requests to distribute the track. I could not, with good conscious continue without contacting the artist and explaining the situation to him. I have included his reply below.
Yesterday I was further shown the pervasiveness of this track into the “mainstream, as i caught several of my new colleagues, singing away, …”what’s the dealio?”… I felt very cool, being able to direct them to this site for a full account of my experience. Thanks again George for the awesome tune!

hey jason,
thanks for your message. i appreciate your concern over ripping copies of the song ‘trevor’ etc. i’m not too greatly worried about file sharing and i would be the last one to get all sony or metallica on your ass. i would be grateful if you did as you suggested, direct anyone who does like the song to my website www.georgewesterholm.com where a disc can be ordered if they want. since 100% of the price of the disc comes to me it’s great when people order it, cause that pays for the next one which i’ll be recording this fall.
but by all means man, write about whatever you want on your site.
power to the people

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Well now I’ve seen the future. The following email exchange documents my most recent serindipitous networked event.

Good morning guys,
This is getting too weird now.
I have attached a letter I received from a user in my online music community the other day(and my reply to him), I actually think he only joined just TO send me this letter.
This is my account page http://www.last.fm/user/draggin
As you can see, it displays my Last 10 Tracks played. Interestingly, it displays the last ten tracks I stream from the last.fm site, BUT ALSO, if I have the web page open it will record any tracks I play off my computer as well!
This is due to the client I have installed, a plug in for my player actually, that is used by the community.
Apparently this guy googled Trevor and my profile page was a hit because the track was in my Last 10 Tracks list!
I’m freaking out a bit at of the implications of this… can’t explain now I have to go post this is my research blog, but maybe we should set up a fansite for this song or something?


thats hilarious! first of all that you found the track on my playlist via google, and that you caught in on the cbc.
The reason I say that is because a few of my collegues at work all heard it as well recently, and w/ one of them actually being a trevor, we decided to track this guy down and order his cd. It’s become a bit of a theme song for us at work, that we are beating till its good and dead.
I’d be happy to you send a rip if you have an email account i can send an attachment to. < ?>
…i hope your happy now im wearing the gap, the gap!

[quote][i]On Dec 7, 2004, 22:35 you wrote:[/i]
Hey, I noticed that in a Google search you once had the song “Trevor” by George Westerholm in your playlist. Any chance you still have it kicking around?
I heard it on DNTO on CBC and I want to hear it again!
I was like Helooooo, who’s this guy Trevor?! hahahaha[/quote]