Sunflower seed sharing —> Harvest

Sunflower seed project – Harvest time from jason toal on Vimeo.

It’s September! And for may Sunflower growers its time to start preparing to harvest your seeds. For those of you that took part in the seed sharing project this spring, I hope you have been successful growing this year, and will consider harvesting your seeds in a timely fashion, and save them for distribution to YOUR network in what ever manner you see fit.

Recipients from last years batch of seedsI have a list of participants that I will be following up with that shows the progress I have recorded thus far. A couple of mentions. Alan Levine, (the first to respond to my post and also to grow his sunflowers being from sunny and hot Arizona) has documented his progress in amazing detail. Way to go Alan! Looks like you were able to harvest your seeds juuuust prior to this post. As long as you keep them cool and dry over the winter, they should be in fine shape to redistribute next year. Giulia Forsythe whom also was quick to respond has been documenting her progress in a similarly awesome fashion, which if this picture is any indication still need a ways to go before the are ready for harvest.

For anyone else that is going ahead with sharing photos on flickr I have created a sunflower seed sharers group, for you to join and add your images.

As for my own progress, I faced a few garden plot challenges this year, but eventually was able to start a plant from seed outside, and although it was planted very late got some very good results.

One good sunflower

This photo was just taken a few days ago, and is featured in the video above. It’s still going to take a week or two to fully mature, but I will be keeping a close eye on them during this time to save them from potential rain and/or bird disasters.


The one about sunflower seeds, and the slugs & squirrels that ate them.

This is a story in many parts, but it begins with a post my friend Harry did for a school project. I’m going to let you watch the video I uploaded to hear that story, but suffice it to say, THIS is the blog post where you need to leave a comment to receive some seeds. (see below)  The next part is a project from another buddy Alan, who is collecting stories about open sharing on the internet. It is open to ANYONE, so if you have a cool tale to tell you should check it out! My contribution to the project is as follows.

Sunflowers seeds and sharing. from jason toal on Vimeo.


I will leave you with a few pics from the sunflowers in question as they grew last season. Slug defenses will be going up early this year!  Hope you are lucky enough to get some seeds, and if you are I encourage you to share the fruits, or err… SEEDS of your labour with anyone and in anyway that pleases you.